Curve & line slider 3ft for smooth video Sony, DSLR, Panasonic Shootvilla


Curve & line slider 3ft for smooth video Sony, DSLR, Panasonic Shootvilla

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Shootvilla Combination slider is specially designed keeping in mind all the needs of cinematographers. Combination of Curve and line slider in one slider gives you the ability to take shots more effectively and easily. The design of the tracks is so designed to make them lighter but strong enough to bear heavy cameras. The adjustable system of curved and slider tracks make mounting and flipping the slider from one to another in a snap quickly. Adjustable legs level your slider properly. Dual bearings on each wheel keep the movement smooth and steady.


  • Easy installation and easy to use
  • High grade Aluminium used
  • Saves space and money
  • Versatility of the product lets you capture from every angle
  • Fold able and removable legs
  • Quick clamping mounting and flipping from one track to another
  • Smooth functioning
  • Can be used grounded as well as on tripod

  • Product weight : 2.8 kg
  • Length: 3ft
  • Load capacity (Ground) : 20 kg /44 lb
  • Width of the linear slider : 50 mm /1.96″
  • Folded Height : 30 mm
  • Angle of curved Slider : 52 degrees
  • Covering angle from sliding plate center : 48 degrees
  • Outer Radius of curved slider : 965 mm/ 38”
  • Inner Radius of curved slider : 915 mm/36”
  • Tripod mounting thread : 1/4” & 3/8”
  • Straight working Length : 883 mm /34.65”
  • Working length in radius : 845 mm /33.26

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