Canon SB-E2 Flash bracket


Canon SB-E2 Flash bracket

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The Canon Speedlite Bracket SB-E2 allows side mounting of the Speedlite 580EX II. The SB-E2 bracket can be used with the Speedlite 580EX II to create an entirely dustproof and water-resistant system. Three levels of height adjustment are available to help prevent unnatural shadows on the sides of objects when shooting from a vertical position. It is useful for shooting portraits. The Canon Speedlite Bracket SB-E2 is also compatible with Speedlite 580EX and 430EX.


  • The Canon Speedlite Bracket SB-E2 is a bracket for the Canon Speedlite 580EX II , 580EX, 430EX and 430EX II . Combining the SB-E2 with a flash enables usage as a grip-type flash. Also, the flash head can be set to one of three vertical positions.
  • The Canon OC-E3 Off Camera Shoe Cord maintains all on-camera flash functions (including E-TTL II) for one Canon Speedlite used off-camera at distances up to 2′ (60 cm). It is compatible with all Canon EOS cameras except the 630 and RT (which require a combination of TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3, OA-2 Off Camera Shoe Adapter & Connecting Cord 60).
  • The OC-E3 has been improved over the OC-SC 2 with better sealing against dust and moisture, to better match the weather-resistant design of the EOS 1D Mark III and the 580EX2 flash. It also now features a sturdier foot.

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